Just CLICK to send in testimony for clean energy!

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My own husband said he had no idea what I wanted him to do regarding testifying for clean power.  If I confused you too, let’s try again

There are a few bills in the Hawaii State House and Senate that will increase the proportion of renewable energy among all the types of energy we use to generate power in our state.  Right now the law says renewables need to be 40% of the total by 2030.  We are on track to exceed that.  Easily.  So, lets put our real progress into law and keep the momentum going towards 100% in 25 years.  Many other countries and cities outside the US are already doing this.  This will mean that our utilities company better think hard before making big new investments in imported fossil fuel infrastructure — maybe that money should go straight into clean, local, renewable energy.

The Bills change and go back and forth between legislative bodies.  New testimony is needed each time.  Blue Planet Foundation will help your voice be heard each time.  Go to the website below, submit testimony with them (there is a sample of what you could say) and they will make sure it gets submitted in both houses each time these bills are heard.


The hard work of some won’t pay off unless the rest of us spend a few minutes supporting them.

Mahalo, Lisa


About Dr. Lisa Marten

I love my children, I love the ocean and the mountains, and I don't feel reducing my carbon footprint is enough anymore. I fear the things I love are at risk and I am doing all I can to learn more about how to stop that and to bring others along for the ride with me.
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