The oil countries stand alone


At the COP, individual countries or groups of countries can rent display areas.  The Gulf Cooperation Council area feels like a 5 star hotel.  The wall is lined with interactive touch screens.  It mush be very awkward for the staff.  Everyone else is calling for leaving fossil fuel in the ground and they are bravely claiming that there is such a thing as “clean fuel.”  You can tell it really is clean because the little petrol pumps are green and adorned with leaves.  They say that they just need to process oil differently, and improve the machinery that uses it.  Well, I wish they had done all that a long time ago, and I wish them speed and success.  Until we stop using oil, we may as well do everything possible to reduce the pollution it causes.

I was their only audience though, nobody else came in.



About Dr. Lisa Marten

I love my children, I love the ocean and the mountains, and I don't feel reducing my carbon footprint is enough anymore. I fear the things I love are at risk and I am doing all I can to learn more about how to stop that and to bring others along for the ride with me.
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  1. Andrea Jepson says:

    This is great. A Andrea Jepson


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