Pointing out the climate villains with a little humor

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Climate Action Network, with great pomp and ceremony, gives a “fossil of the day” trophy (full of coal) to the country that has done the most that day to set back the negotiations or impede progress against climate change.  They are young, they do silly skits, but their accusations are quite serious.  Check the one-minute video and sing along!  http://youtu.be/sTAolhl7-4w

[Drum roll please.]  The winners so far are:

Day 1. Australia, Belgium, Ireland, Austria, Iceland, Greece and Portugal for being the only developed countries who have so far failed to contribute to the Green Climate Fund.

Day 2. Japan for funding coal and gas power stations in developing countries with money meant for scaling up climate action.

Day 3. Switzerland for threatening developing countries that any demands for financial commitments would jeopardize the negotiations.

Day 4. Australia for saying loss and damage (relief for disasters) should come from adaptation funds.

Day 5. Australia for announcing it will not contribute to the Green Climate Fund.

Day 6. Peru for passing a national law which decouples environmental protection from economic growth.

Day 7. Australia for claiming not to understand the concepts of “long-term temperature limit” or “global solidarity.”

Day 8. US and Japan for trying to remove adaptation and loss & damage from the text.


About Dr. Lisa Marten

I love my children, I love the ocean and the mountains, and I don't feel reducing my carbon footprint is enough anymore. I fear the things I love are at risk and I am doing all I can to learn more about how to stop that and to bring others along for the ride with me.
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